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NZXT HALE82-850-M 850 W Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The NZXT HALE82 850M retails for $135.91 (excluding VAT)
  • High efficiency (for a Bronze unit)
  • Delivered full power at 49°C ambient
  • Excellent ripple/noise suppression
  • Low voltage drops in Advanced Transient Response Tests
  • Within 3% voltage regulation at +12V and 5V
  • Japanese caps used everywhere
  • Flat modular cables
  • Noisy fan at high loads
  • Long component leads in the main PCB
Judging from all the tests I ran in this review, the second entry of NZXT in the PSU market is pretty interesting since today's sample proved to be a great performer with its price being close to the average of the particular category. In general the HALE82 series looks to be very promising and the OEM NZXT trusted to build these units (Seasonic) definitely plays a key role in this. The HALE 850M although it is merely 80 PLUS Bronze certified, boasts high efficiency levels reaching an impressive 88% with typical load (with 230VAC). Also voltage regulation at +12V and 5V stayed within 3% range even though I stressed the unit real hard with high operating temperatures and ripple suppression was excellent at all cases. If 3.3V managed to register below or close to 3% voltage regulation then I couldn't ask for more (except for a lower price of course). Two more advantages of this unit are the flat modular cables it is equipped with and the five year warranty that NZXT provides. The latter, along with the double-ball bearing fan and the Japanese capacitors used, will ensure your peace of mind for quite long.
My biggest complaint about this unit has to do with the long component leads I spotted on the main PCB, with some of them being really close to nearby solder joints and the leaning heatsinks which don't look good, at least to my eyes.

To sum up, I think that NZXT will make a strong entry in the midrange category with this series, competing mainly with the corresponding Corsair offers (TX M series). If you don't have a problem with the loud fan, at least at high loads and you need a high quality PSU with decent price then HALE82 series should be included in your buy list.
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