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NZXT HALE90 750 W Review

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The packaging follows the minimalistic design and the white background dominates. On the front the capacity (750W) easily distinguishes along with the warranty period and the Gold efficiency badge. On the front we also find a small window that exposes a part of the PSU's cooling fan. As usual on the other sides of the box more useful information can be obtained. Finally the packaging features a caring handle, to help you move it around.


The unit is not protected by a cloth bag or even a simple plastic wrapping, since NZXT wanted to be clearly shown from the package's small front window. As for the bundle it includes a nice nylon pouch that holds all modular cables, an AC power cord, a set of thumbscrews for chassis mounting and a user's manual. Unfortunately we did not find any zip ties.


The PSU features a white color, even its fan is painted white, which makes it very difficult to take pictures of, at least on a white background. However the good thing with white color is that it is fingerprint proof. All in all the external appearance of the PSU is nice and the quality pretty good. The two native cables are fully sleeved back into the housing and there is a grommet around the cable's exit hole to protect the wires from the bare metal.
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