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NZXT HALE90 850 W Review

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The fancy white box looks cool and in the front there is a small window with view to the PSU's white fan. The capacity along with the warranty period are easily distinguished while in the top right corner there are several badges including the one for 80 PLUS Gold efficiency. On the rear side of the box there is a fan shot of the unit and some info about the most crucial features along with a cables/connectors description. Here you will also find the power specifications table. On one of the two packaging sides there are two pretty interesting graphs showing the unit's efficiency curve and the noise level of the cooling fan. The latter, even at full load, outputs under 35 dBA noise according to NZXT so it must be quite inaudible.


Two not so thick, layers of packaging foam along with a plastic wrap protect the unit. Inside the box we found a nylon pouch which holds all modular cables. The rest of the bundle includes an AC power cord, a set of thumb screws for chassis mounting and a user's manual. Unfortunately NZXT didn't include any Velcro ties or at least some zip ties for cable management.


This is one of the very few PSUs that features a white finish and on top of that it has a white fan. We really liked the external appearance and most likely most users will like it too. The power specifications label is installed on one of the two sides, probably to give a little color to the white monotony while on the modular panel there are no labels since all sockets are exactly the same, so you can connect any cable to every modular socket. The hardwired cables are fully sleeved up to the casing and there is a grommet around the cable exit hole. All good so far despite the fact that there are many hardwired cables, too many for our taste. In the unit's front the classic honeycomb grill is utilized and there is an On/Off switch under the AC receptacle.
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