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NZXT HALE90 V2 1000 W Review

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The white package is quite large because the PSU's dimensions are bigger than usual. The front has a small window through which the white fan can be seen. All badges and texts on the front are small, except for the capacity description that is highlighted in large black fonts.

The most important thing on this side is the power code list depicting what power cord the unit is equipped with. Our sample came with the European variant.

A table describing all available connectors is given on this side. Two graphs also show the acoustic level of the fan and the efficiency of the PSU throughout its entire operational load ranges.

The back of the box exploits a black background and includes interesting information. It holds the power specifications table and a series of photos showing the internals of the PSU. We highly appreciate when a manufacturer is confident enough to show some photos of the internals and a brief description of them on the package; it gives us a clear idea of what to expect from the unit before we even open the box. NZXT also lists the key features of the PSU on this side to outline how this unit will meet its competition eye-to-eye.


The unit is quite well protected by two pieces of packing foam. However, we would highly prefer the top one to be a little thicker, although this would lead to an even larger package. Besides the packing foam, the unit is also protected by a nylon bag. Considering its high price, a velvet or at synthetic pouch should be used, but NZXT preferred to save some money instead.

A large, white bag stores all modular cables. The rest of the bundle includes a heavy-duty AC power cord equipped with a C19 coupler, a set of fixing bolts, several zip ties, and the user's manual.

In the box, you will also find a small tag that includes all the inspections the unit is put through before it leaves the factory. As you can see, the PSU was tested in two different load set-ups (ATE, Automatic Testing Equipment) with an in-between burn-in test at 45°C.


The PSU looks very nice, and we are pretty sure that most of you will agree with us on that. The white color, its similarly colored fan, and the black stripe create a nice combination that will surely not pass on unnoticed, even to normal user who doesn't care so much about the appearance of their PSU. It would be real shame to buy and hide this PSU inside a windowless case. A case with a large side window is the only ideal home for this unit.

On the rear, the modular panel exploits a black background that looks very slick. Lastly, the specifications label is located on the bottom of the unit. The HALE90 V2 still sports a great look thanks to its high aesthetic, although the overall design doesn't utilize ground breaking elements like specially designed vents or a Be Quiet!-style fan grill.
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