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NZXT Hades Review

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As is the case with most NZXT products, the Hades ships in a full color cardboard box. An image of the chassis along with the main features can be found on the front, while the rear provides an additional birds-eye view and more detailed information on the enclosure. You will find its specifications on either side of the cardboard package. NZXT secures the case with Styrofoam spacers and a thin plastic bag.


NZXT includes a fairly well rounded accessories package. You will receive three rails to install 3.5 inch drives into the enclosure, a Molex adapter to plug a single fan straight to a power supply strand, a mainboard speaker, a few zip ties and two bag of screws. A small metal piece also allows you to lock the side panel down with a pad lock. On top of that you receive another pair of rails attached to a 2.5 inch bracket. This is intended to be used with SSDs and while it should work just fine, it has a very low quality feel to it.
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