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The entire package of the HUSH is kept in black and is fairly compact. The front shows both color variants and simply lets the potential buyer know, what this case is meant to be - quiet. The rear includes a short pharagraph, to let you know what NZXT's aim of this case is. Below that, the features are listed. You will not find any obvious sticker to let you know what color and configuration is to be found inside. On closer look the side has sticker placed in the appropriate location, revealing what is inside. Making a single, large sticker for color and an additional one for the optional PSU and sticking it on a more visible spot would make things easier, both for DIY customers and shops using this case to build their systems.

NZXT is using Stryofoam spacers for this case, which is cheaper than the foam used to protect the Adamas, which we reviewed here. A thin plastic bag further protects the HUSH from damage during shipping. Once these material are removed, the case can be viewed in all its glory. NZXT has opted for a glossy paint finish, which really makes the case shine (all the pun intended).


You will receive a black&white manual and a small, white box. Both can be found inside the case. The cardboard box holds the screws. These are sorted and come in seperate bags. A nice touch as it makes the search for the right screw a breeze. A ferrite ring is also included, in case you want to use it on the internal cables.
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