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The entire package of the Lexa Blackline is kept in black and is fairly compact. Even though this case is available in two colors - blue and red, the former is used to underline the fact that this case is lighted. The front also shows the red version of the case. On the rear you will find further features of the case listed. The only thing letting you know that the case inside actually employs blue LEDs is a small sticker on the side of the case. Seems like NZXT designed the red variant first and then decided to add a blue one, as their website does not mention the former color at all.

NZXT is using solid foam spacers for this case, which is the same material used to protect the original Lexa and the Adamas we reviewed here. The company does use Styrofoam for some of their cases like the HUSH. A sturdy plastic bag further protects the Lexa Blackline from damage during shipping. Once these materials are removed, the case can be viewed in all its glory. NZXT has opted for a glossy paint finish on the plastic parts, while the metal pieces are covered in a traditional, but very high quality paint. All scratch prone parts have been covered in plastic, which we will leave on until after the installation of all components.


You will receive a black & white manual and a small, white box. Both can be found inside the case. The cardboard box holds the small amount of screws needed. You will also find rails for every drive bay inside the case. After having rails missing in the Alexa and screwless locks M.I.A. in the Hush, it is good to see that you get everything in this case.
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