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NZXT Phantom 530 Review

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NZXT ships the Phantom 530 in a fully color cardboard package. The front has an image of the case itself, while the rear goes into greater detail about the chassis' features. Both sides of the box hold further information and also show you what the three color choices look like. You will also find carrying holes on these sides, which should make lugging the Phantom home quite easy.

Two solid Styrofoam spacers hold the Phantom 530 in place and protect it from damage, and a heavy duty plastic bag keeps away scratches and fingerprints.


NZXT actually includes a large assortment of all-black screws. Each type of screw is neatly packaged away inside a separate bag and there are, unlike with cases by most other manufacturers, plenty of cable ties to make things look clean and tidy right out of the box. You will also receive a little promotional piece and a detailed manual.
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