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NZXT Phantom & Hale90 650W Review

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NZXT Phantom

NZXT has packaged the Phantom chassis in a black box with a rendered image of the case itself in the front. The rear goes into much greater detail and holds pictures of the interior, while the side lists the Phantom's specifications. The package is thick and sturdy, with openings on both sides so that you can carry it home properly.

Two foam spacers hold the case in place within the package. They are fairly thin, but seem to get the job done. They are not cut out of a solid block, but glued together, and literally fall apart easily. That said, if you handle it carefully all should be fine, but do not try to use the spacers to place a fully assembled PC back into the box as they simply would not hold.

NZXT Hale90 650W

Before we go ahead and take a look at the Phantom, let us take a slight detour and inspect the package of the Hale90 power supply. NZXT supplied us with the 650W version which is clearly marked as such on the white box. The rear goes into great detail about the connectivity while the sides hold the specifications as well as an efficiency and a noise diagram.

The PSU is very well protected and wedged between foam panels and the bag which holds the separate cables.


NZXT Phantom

The Phantom ships with a large assortment of screws which are all black, along with a few zip ties and mounting material to install a radiator within the chassis. A black & white manual rounds up the contents within the case package.

NZXT Hale90 650W

The Hale90 ships with a bag full of black and thin cables unlike the sleeved type most other units use. A manual, the required power cable and four thumb screws are also part of what you will get along with the PSU.
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