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NZXT Rogue mATX Gaming Case Review

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Packaging & Contents

NZXT ships the case in a sturdy black cardboard box. It features the black case with red and blue lighting on either side. Oddly enough, no image of the silver version can be found. The smaller sides of the box hold the phrase "Enormous Power Within" on one and a full listing of the Rogue's specifications on the other. This is also the only place, where you can determine what color case and variant of lighting you will get. The package also comes with a plastic handle, but no holes on either side. While a handle usually improves transportation, this is not the case with the packaging of the Rogue. It is simply too wide to carry comfortably. Holes on either side would have been the better choice in this case.

The chassis itself is well protected. NZXT opted for solid foam spacers on top and bottom of the case. The enclosure itself is further protected by a thick plastic bag.

The Rogue is meant to be the ultimate gaming case. Small, compact but still portable, while being able to hold high-end graphic cards and CPU coolers. To ease transportation to and from a LAN party, a carrying strap has been included in the package. While this is certainly a great feature, the entire case, filled to the rim, will weigh down around 20kg, which is certainly not very healthy for your shoulder. The contents are packed inside a compact, white cardboard box. There are two manuals which each hold different languages, but the same general content.

You will find the usual set of screws and a extending frame for the PSU. NZXT solves the problem of large power supplies by allowing them to extrude the back of the case about an inch with the use of the adapter. It can be secured on the rear of the case, facing outward. This would add about another inch to the maximum possible length of the installed power supply. To illustrate, I placed the standard sized 500W PSU in the frame, but it is not required for this review, as the power supply is of normal length.
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