NZXT Source 210 Elite 10

NZXT Source 210 Elite Review

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NZXT ships the Source chassis in a plain carboard box, just as they did with the H2. Seems like NZXT is steering clear of full color boxes for their budget and mainstream offerings. While this is by no means a bad thing, In the end the contents really count. NZXT actually manages to convey the advantages of the chassis in fairly high detail considering black is the only color at their disposal.

Two basic Styrofoam spacers hold everything in place - perfectly sufficient for a chassis of this weight and size.


You will receive a very basic set of extras with the chassis. NZXT only includes screws for mounting a mainboard, four fan screws, a pair of zip ties and two rubber parts to use on the rear of the chassis. So the tool-less mounting mechanism of the chassis better hold well.
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