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NZXT Switch 810 Review

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The NZXT Switch 810 ships in a full color cardboard package, which is somewhat of a rarity nowadays. Considering the price tag of the chassis, it does make sense to go the extra mile though. On the other hand, nobody would have cared if the package was in plain brown. You will find an image of the case in its white variant on the front, while the rear gives you quite the good insight into the special features of the Switch 810. Both sides go into more detail on a text level, but do not have any holes to carry the unit around with. Considering the overall size of the package, such an aid would have been a welcome addition.

Two large Styrofoam spacers hold the almost 10 kg heavy chassis in place securely. A plastic bag has been placed over the chassis at the factory to keep scratches and fingerprints away.


You will receive an assortment of all black screws and a few zip ties with the chassis, neatly packaged in individual bags. A simple but effective manual should make assembly much easier - especially for those first time builders.
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