NZXT Vulcan 12

NZXT Vulcan Review

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The Vulcan ships in a brown cardboard box. Instead of the usual full color packaging you will find an image simply printed straight unto the plain box. The rear and sides go into greater detail about the case itself and. As you can see the package is not really very sturdy and has been bent inward during shipping. I hope the chassis itself is unharmed.

NZXT has sandwiched the chassis between two very small Styrofoam spacers. It looks like they are trying to save on the overall costs in every aspect of packaging to offer you the case at the most affordable price. It will be interesting to see if the chassis still has some quality to it or not.


You get the usual set of contents like a manual and all required screws with the Vulcan. The only additional part is the handle, which is made of plastic and feels very solid. This means that there is a bit of assembly required to get the final product ready.
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