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Nanoxia Deep Silence 2

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Nanoxia ships the Deep Silence 2, or DS2 in short, in a fully color cardboard package, just like the DS1. The front has an image of the chassis and an array of various icons illustrating some of the case's features. Turning the package around, additional images go into further detail on what to expect. You will find detailed specifications on both sides of the chassis.

The DS2 is secured in the box with two sturdy foam spacers, and a plastic bag protects the unit from fingerprints and scratches.


You will get quite the good set of extras with the DS2. All the screws are black and Nanoxia has also added a few cable-ties, a CPU power-cable extension, and solid rubber covers for the water cooling holes in the back of the chassis. A 3.5" tray and front bezel also allow you to install an external device within a 5.25" inch drive bay. Last but not least, there is a very detailed, multilingual manual--perfect for those building their first system.
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