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Taking a look at the chassis once unpacked, the similarities between the DS1 and DS2 become strikingly apparent. The chassis is quite heavy, well over 10kg, which also goes to show how much actual material the Deep Silence 2 is made out of.

Just like all Deep Silent cases, the front is divided into two areas. While you could open both the top and bottom in the Deep Silence 1, Nanoxia has constructed the DS2 with only the smaller top portion as an actual door. It swings open to the right and comes lined with sound-dampening material. The front may look like Aluminium but is actually plastic made to look brushed. Behind the cover are three 5.25" external drive bays and two fan controllers for up to six 3-pin cooling units. While there is no visible Nanoxia logo on the outside, it is present above the 5.25" drive bays. The bottom half of the chassis is taken up by two pre-installed intake fans that are protected by a removable dust filter. The PSU bay in the rear is on the bottom, and the entire interior is painted black to match the exterior of the Deep Silence 2.

Both sides of the Deep Silence 2 are made of sturdy, thick metal sheets. Nanoxia has done away with any side vents on this version of the case family. This is quite alright as there are still plenty of air vents and fan placements within the case.

The bottom PSU bay in the back comes with two sets of screw holes to allow an installation of the unit with the fan either facing up or down. It is also lined with a thin layer of foam as an anti-vibration measure. Above that are the seven motherboard expansion slots, each protected by a separate cover. You will also find two openings for water cooling tubes next to these. In the very top are a single 140 mm exhaust fan that pushes air out of the chassis, two break-out pieces for legacy connectors, and two more water cooling holes.

Just like with the Deep Silence 1, you will find all the connectivity on the front edge of the top. These consist of the usual pair of audio plugs, two USB 3.0- and a single USB 2.0 connector. The power button has been placed in the center and a ring around it lights up when the PC is turned on. Two large air vents in the rear of the top can be used for a 240 or 280 mm radiator or corresponding fans. These air vents are initially covered to ensure operational sounds stay within the Deep Silence 2. A large dust filter on the underside covers both the air vent for the PSU and the opening for the optional floor fan. It is easily removed and can be cleaned with running water.
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