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Noctua NH-D14

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The Noctua NH-D14 comes in a pretty simple white box with minimal graphics. On the front and left side of the box there is a few pictures along with a brief list of features. The backside of the box has more in depth information about the cooler design and on the right side of the box you will find the same information that is on the back but in six other languages. Technical specifications can be found on the topside of the box.


The accessories included with the NH-D14 are pretty nice. Noctua has included brackets needed to mount the cooler to any modern Intel or AMD CPU motherboard. They have also included a long Phillips screw driver to make ease for installation. Other accessories include two U.L.N.A. adapters which reduce fan speed for those of us who seek the quietest possible PC hardware. Of course a well detailed instruction booklet is included as well and it too is in many different languages. Noctua has also gone the extra mile to include their NT-H1 thermal interface material in a small 2.4 gram syringe.
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