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Nuke-Z N-2000 Mousepad Review

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PCZOS is the German distributor for various mouse pads and gamer gear. There are three different brands being sold through respective websites, run by PCZOS: GlideTapes, Nuke-Z and Rantopad
The website is pretty simple, only offering links to the three brands on their own websites. While the GlideTapes and Nuke-Z websites list PCZOS under contact information, the Rantopad does list a different address.

About Nuke-Z
Nuke-Z seems to be a fairly new brand in the mouse pad business. The company currently offers the Nuke-Z Z8 and the Nuke-Z N-2000. Both pads are made for gamers and cover all types of gamers, with low sensitivity to high sense gamers.

The Nuke-Z Z8 has the following specifications:
  • new PIC-Technology
  • huge pad: 300 x 230 x 3.9 mm
  • 150g heavy
  • great sliding properties
  • flexible
  • easy to clean
  • reusable packaging
  • includes key chain

Closer Examination

The Nuke-Z pad comes packaged in a black, plastic tube with a screw on top. This means it can be reused to store the mouse pad or other things. All Nuke-Z pads come in this type of packaging. The Z8 is rather large, while the N-2000 is a normal sized pad. The size of tube used, varies accordingly.

The Nuke-Z N-2000 features a black and white image, with their own logo in the center. The right bottom corner shows the brand name and model number.

The bottom is kept in light brown. As you can see the N-2000 cannot be placed on a flat surface when placed upside down. This is due to the thickness. The bottom has groves to increase friction, much like wheels on a car.
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