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OCZ Behemoth Regulator Mousepad Review

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A Closer Look

The mouse pad itself has rounded corners and can be considered to be one of the bigger units available. The latter attribute is also the reason this gaming surface is called Behemoth. The underside is made of a dense foam, giving the pad its advertised height. The foam also holds the unit in place on your desk.

To give you an idea about overall size, the OCZ Dominatrix mouse was placed on the pad. As you can see, there is plenty of space to move around, making this a great choice for low sensitivity gamers.

The Behemoth Regulator is fairly thick. This makes the pad soft and creates a noticeable edge. Both are not good attributes in my books, but some may be looking for just such features. The surface has some arbitrary text and the same orange OCZ logo as found on the packaging printed on it. While looks may be important to some, I rather have such an abstract design than grandma's face to move the mouse over.

Taking a closer look at the texture of the pad, it can be considered quite balanced. There are both smoother and rougher gaming surfaces out there. OCZ has chosen wisely, by going for the golden middle. This certainly appeals to a broader audience of gamers. The underside has a surface structure similar to that of a tire track. This helps in keeping the Behemoth Regulator in place.
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