OCZ DDR3 1600 MHz Platinum EB Ed. 4GB Kit 1

OCZ DDR3 1600 MHz Platinum EB Ed. 4GB Kit Review

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A Closer Look

The Platinum Series comes with chrome heatspreaders on both sides. These shimmer in the right light and are fingerprint magnets. you may want to wipe them clean after installation, if you have a windowed case.

Both sides look identical. There is a single sticker on one side of the memory. If you look closely, you can see the memory ICs through the mesh part of the spreaders. One could rip them off the modules to take a look at the memory, but OCZ has used strong adhesive. I do not want to risk damaging the modules, by pulling the heatspreaders off. Another issue is the fact, that these metal parts will bend out of shape if you try to pull them off.

The second aspect which has changed are the stickers on the memory. OCZ has used the plain white ones for a very long time already, so the change to the more elaborate ones is a welcome move. All the information on the stickers has mostly remained the same. Instead of going with the MHz description, OCZ has changed to using the bandwith: DDR3-1600 thus becomes PC3-12800. The new stickers also mention the required voltage of the DIMM. This information has been missing from the old one. Interestingly enough, the OCZ website lists the DIMMs with CL7-7-6 and 1.8V, while the sticker reads CL7-6-6 & 1.9V. After checking back with OCZ, it was confirmed that the information on the sticker is the correct SPD and the website will be updated. Still nowhere to be found is the last part of the overall latency rating: 7-6-6-XX. Most other companies do mention this setting as well, while OCZ does not. This information can be found on the OCZ website, or possibly on the invoice of the memory. The EB in the model number stands for "Enhanced Bandwith Edition". These are slightly faster than the normal Platinum variants, which ship with CL7-7-7. The Z logo has also remained the same, with the number 3 denoting DDR3. It looks great and has become an easy identifier to spot OCZ memory.

Even though there are several cosmetic changes, the DIMMs themselves have not been altered, as the PCB model numbers are identical. The EB sticks are a special bin of the regular Platinum modules.
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