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OCZ Equalizer Gaming Mouse Review

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OCZ Technology has always been known to produce some of the best high performance memory modules on the market today. It was not until recently that they announced a new breed of gaming mice. The mice are called Equalizer and feature a 2500 DPI laser sensor made by Agilent technology, this sensor should be an updated version of the ones used in Razer's Copperhead and the Logitech G5. The OCZ Equalizer come in two different sizes, one aimed at gaming and one made for laptop users. One of the special features that the Equalizer has is a Triple-Threat button which should fire three shots in rapid succession, besides that the button should function as a double-click button in standard Windows applications.

I will be reviewing the large desktop version of the OCZ Equalizer mouse today.

Technical specifications from OCZ Technology:
  • 2500 DPI Gamer-Grade Laser Engine
  • On mouse 6-DPI-Shift (400-800-1200-1600-2000-2500)
  • Implements Agilent 6010 Chip and high-speed 7080 FPS technology
  • Triple Threat Button - 1 click, 3 shots for a gaming advantage
  • Dual laser engine for enhanced tracking on a wider range of surfaces
  • Right-handed ergonomic design
  • Gold-Plated USB Connector
  • Thin, flexible wire design feels like using a wireless mouse but without sacrificing latency
  • Convenient ‘back’ & ‘forward’ buttons
  • Comfortable, no-slip grip for intense gaming battles
  • Plug and Play
  • Included Equalware software for complete customization


The OCZ Equalizer ships in a cardboard box. The mouse itself is secured in a blister package so no harm should come to it during transportation. The design of the box is quite flashy with a big flame job on the front. All of the specifications for the mouse are listed on the back of the package. On the back you can also read about the special features such as the "Triple-Threat" button and how to change the DPI setting of the mouse even without drivers installed.

The thing about the mouse that worried me the most right from the first time I laid my eyes on the package was that this mouse has a 2500 DPI laser engine. I have tried my fair share of laser mice and it is my impression that the ever lasting hunt for DPI has ruined the potential of good gaming grade laser mice. Instead of focusing on producing a laser sensor that interprets the surface correctly companies tend to focus on raising the DPI limit of the sensor, resulting in laser sensors being lousy at tracking high acceleration movements.

The bundle for the OCZ Equalizer is good. This mouse comes with six spare teflon feet, a user’s manual and a driver CD.
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