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OCZ Equalizer Gaming Mouse Review

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Closer Examination

The OCZ mouse looks attractive to be honest. The deep blue metallic cover and the black sides complement each other nicely. The only thing that ruins the sleek design of the mouse is the bright orange "Triple-Threat" button.

The OCZ Equalizer features an Agilent Technology A6010 Laser sensor which has the maximum resolution of 2500 DPI. The sensor is placed on the lower half of the mouse, this tends to make the mouse feel less responsive.

One thing worth noticing on the back of the mouse are the fairly large teflon mouse feet. They are positioned in each corner of the mouse providing excellent stability during gaming.

A nice design specialty that the OCZ mouse incorporates is a rubber thumbs pad. This is a nice feature because it makes it easy to get a firm hold of the mouse.

As you can see from the picture below, the rubber is quite think and rippled, this makes the mouse easy to maintain a firm hold of even while playing.

The right side of the mouse is nothing out of the ordinary, just plain black plastic.

The area around the scroll-wheel is somewhat crowded because of the "Triple-Threat" button and the DPI-change button. The scroll-wheel itself is held in a matte white. The scroll-wheel is illuminated with a three-color led. The color of the scroll-wheel changes according to the DPI-setting of the mouse. I guess by now you are probably all thinking what exactly is a "Triple-Threat" button? Well according to the explanation on OCZ's webpage it should fire three shots in rapid succession, with just one key click. The button itself is bright orange and has some spikes on top so that you can "feel" the button.

One of the key features of this mouse is the Agilent A6010 laser sensor. The sensor has six different DPI-settings, which can be changed by the click of the DPI-change button on the top of the mouse. The scroll-wheel's color changes according to the DPI-setting of the sensor, making it easy to find out what DPI-setting the sensor is running.

The color explanation for the scroll-wheel is located just beneath the sensor on the mouse.

The USB connector is pretty thin but seems quite durable. The cord assembly on the mouse is also well thought out. When it comes to the cord itself it is light weight and incredibly thin.

The OCZ Equalizer mouse is a bit smaller than both the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 and the Razer DeathAdder. In terms of height the OCZ is also the smallest of the bunch. This has a major effect on the comfort if you have a relatively big hand like myself because it keeps your palm from resting completely on top of the mouse.

The odd thing about the OCZ mouse is that OCZ has placed the sensor on the lower half of the bottom of the mouse. This makes the mouse feel less balanced than a mouse with the sensor placed dead center. The fact that the sensor is off center makes the mouse reaction odd in many scenarios.
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