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OCZ EvoStream 600W Review

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The EvoStream 600W uses a mirror finish coating that is highly reflective.

Looking at it from all the angles you can see that it has only one fan, which is 80mm in size.

The back has a not-so-standard power switch which looks quite nice. A selector for the input voltage is not needed since the unit auto-senses the supplied voltage.

On the other side of the unit you have the modular power plugs. The contacts make good contact, yet it's no problem to plug the cables in and out. If you look at the first row, right side, you see four identical connectors. This may cause some confusion because two of them are for the PCI-E power cables and the other two are for the SATA cables. Labels would be useful here.

The 12V CPU power connector uses an ingenious locking system where one connector slides into the other. When locked together, the connectors form a single unit which is a lot easier to handle than two plugs that have to be pressed together when you plug them in.

On the ATX 20+4 pin connector the same system is in place. As you can see all cables are sleeved with a blue UV reactive mesh. The cables are rather strong, so making tight bends is not possible.
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