OCZ GameXStream 700W Review 1

OCZ GameXStream 700W Review

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OCZ has painted the GameXStream 700W in a matte black, it does not take any fingerprints. One 120mm fan is installed inside the PSU.
On the backside you find a lighted power switch. A manual switch for 110V / 220V selection is not required, the PSU automatically senses the line voltage.

As you would expect from a quality PSU, all cables are sleeved.

The ATX power connector is 24 pin. If you have a motherboard that uses a 20 pin connector you can clip off the extra 4 pin connector. This is a very good solution because on some lower end motherboards there are sometimes issues where you can plug in the full size 24 pin connectors.

The same goes for the CPU 12V connector. OCZ is using the workstation connector with extra 4 pins for additional power. This is used on some ultra high end boards, for example from ASUS.

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