OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Gold GX XTC 7

OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Gold GX XTC Review

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Test Setup

Test System
CPU:AMD Athlon64 3000+ Venice
Motherboard:DFI LanParty NF4, Bios 5.10-2 Fix
Memory:2x 512 MB OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Gold GX XTC
Video Card:ATI Radeon X850 Pro PCI-E
Harddisk:Maxtor Diamondmax 160GB
Power Supply:HEC PurePower 475
Software:Windows XP SP2, Catalyst 5.11


The first test we did was test how the memory performs at a stock frequency of 200 FSB with the default timings recommended by OCZ. We used 2.8V here as specified by OCZ.

Next, we wanted to know if the memory can run at 2.6V. With 200 MHz it worked fine. We increased the memory clock step by step, to find out what the maximum clocks were when running at the DDR specification default voltage of 2.6V. At 214 MHz the system got instable.

Our next test uses 2.7V DDR voltage. Here the memory takes 215 MHz which is only a small improvement over the results at 2.6V.

Further increasing voltage to 2.8V and 2.9V gave us the expected overclocking and performance gains. The memory maxxed out at 3.0V with an impressive 238 MHz - remember it is advertised as 200 MHz.

We did try to increase voltage even further, but the overclocks were actually a little bit less.

Relaxing the memory timings to 2.5-X-X-X or even 3-X-X-X did only yield a few more MHz, definitely not worth it if you take the performance loss into account.

For comparison, the test "JEDEC DDR400A" shows a generic DDR module running at JEDEC standard timings.

CPU Clock &
Memory Ratio
Quake 3
Mod 1M
8 x 200 1:1200 MHz2-2-2-5 2.8V5692 MB/s 1946 MB/s 49.1 ns 229.9 fps 2080246.33 s
8 x 214 1:1 214 MHz2-2-2-5 2.6V6079 MB/s 2084 MB/s 46.0 ns 243.3 fps 2181643.33 s
8 x 215 1:1 215 MHz2-2-2-5 2.7V6100 MB/s 2085 MB/s 45.7 ns 246.3 fps 2195243.20 s
8 x 224 1:1 224 MHz2-2-2-5 2.8V6363 MB/S 2176 MB/s 43.9 ns 256.8 fps 2262241.45 s
8 x 227 1:1 227 MHz2-2-2-5 2.9V6451 MB/s 2203 MB/s 43.3 ns 260.2 fps 2283440.92 s
8 x 238 1:1 238 MHz2-2-2-5 3.0V6739 MB/s 2340 MB/s 41.8 ns 272.2 fps 2376039.20 s
JEDEC DDR400A 200 MHz2.5-3-3-8 2.6V5639 MB/s 1890 MB/s 51.9 ns 226.8 fps 2026446.95 s

For an easier comparison with other modules, we set a maximum voltage of 3.0V and tested until we found the highest clock frequency and fastest timings for this memory. The benchmarks Everest Read, Everest Write and Quake 3 were run. We then calculated the performance increase in percent compared to some standard DDR400 memory running at JEDEC DDR400A (2.5-3-3-8). The average percentage of the three benchmarks is listed in following table:

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