OCZ EL DDR PC-4800 Platinum Elite 0

OCZ EL DDR PC-4800 Platinum Elite Review

Value and Conclusion

  • Two 512MB OCZ PC-4800 Platinum Elite modules are sold for $250, which I find really expensive for 1GB of memory. You do have to consider that the guaranteed TCCD and serious testing at OCZ has its price.
  • Great overclocker
  • Good performance
  • Can run both CL2 or CL2.5
  • Warranty covers overvolting
  • Expensive
  • Higher voltage does not increase overclocking at CL2
If you absolutely want the fastest memory, you seriously have to check out OCZ's 4800 Platinum Elite. However, think about the hole that these modules will rip into your pocket. Personally, I wouldn't spend that much money for memory, the added performance for the price is too small in my opinion.

It is great that the sticks are able to run either CL2 or CL2.5, at a higher voltage, without losing your warranty. And in case something goes wrong you still have OCZ's excellent technical support to help you out.
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