OCZ PC2-8800 Gold 2 GB Kit 4

OCZ PC2-8800 Gold 2 GB Kit Review

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A closer look

On the sticker you find the recommended timings, capacity and frequency. Since this memory requires some pretty high voltage to run it would be good to have the voltage there too, so that less experienced people are not wondering why their memory won't run full speed at 1.8V for example.

Under the heatspreader you can see the BGA memory which is made by Micron. It's their famous D9 chips, which are popular with many overclockers around the world. The official spec of the chips is DDR2-667. OCZ uses a strict testing process to filter out the best chips and only these make it onto the PC2-8800 modules. Of course the final modules are tested again at this speeds to make sure the customer has the best possible experience.

OCZ like most other memory manufacturers uses Brainpower PCBs for their memory.
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