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OCZ ProXStream 1000W Review

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If you look at the back of the PSU you see neither an input voltage switch, nor a power off switch. An autosensed unit that can detect if 110V or 220V are supplied is a good thing. Having no power off switch is a bad thing. First, some people may want to completely turn off their computer if they leave for longer periods of time to save power. Also it gives people a better feeling if they can use the PSU switch to turn off their PC when they are worried about lightning strike.
But what is most important, especially if you consider that this PSU is targeted at overclockers, is that you often want cut power quick (e.g. water leak/overheating/oh teh noes my CPU cooler fell off). Also some motherboards do not react to the power switch anymore in case of a system crash. However, what you can still do is pull the power cord.

The rest of the PSU is looking good. There is one fan in place, which unfortunately has no variable speed control. With its mirror finish on a black/grey metallic color the PSU looks really good, but does take fingerprint fairly easy, which can be wiped away as easily with the bare hand.

All cables are sleeved using high quality sleeving. The four PCI-E power cables are sleeved red which would definitely give a nice touch to an ATI rig.

For the ATX power 20+4 pin connector OCZ uses my favourite method. The additional four pin connector can be locked into the 20 pin connector forming a solid connector that is very easy to use. Other clip-on systems can often be a pain to work with because the connectors do not stay together when you try to plug them info the motherboard.
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