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OCZ Vertex 4 256 GB Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • OCZ's Vertex 4 256 GB is currently available for $210, with an extra $10 rebate available.
  • Very fast, beats Sandforce-driven drives
  • Great price/performance
  • SATA 6 Gbps support
  • Supports TRIM
  • 5 year warranty
  • 3.5" adapter included
  • Bluescreen issues with 1.4 firmware
  • Needs SATA 6 Gbps controller to perform best
OCZ's Vertex 4 delivers impressive performance at a great price. Thanks to the Indilinx Everest 2 controller, the drive claims a leading spot in our performance benchmarks. We see it perform within 1% when compared to the fastest SandForce drives we have in our test group. It is also only 2% slower than the much more expensive Corsair Performance Pro 256 GB, which is the fastest drive we tested so far.
Initially I experienced sporadic blue-screens while testing the drive with firmware 1.4, but after upgrading to the latest 1.5 these problems went away.
With a price of $200 (after MIR) the Vertex 4 is also leading our price/performance and GB per Dollar charts, making this an excellent drive that does well on all fronts. The only major competition I see for the Vertex 4 is OCZ's own Vertex 3, which offers similar performance, but comes a bit cheaper. Overall the Vertex 4 is a hell of an SSD and it's great to see that there are now alternatives to SandForce driven SSDs on the market.
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