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OCZ ZS Series 650 W Review

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The packaging is exactly the same as the OCZ ZS 750W. Actually only the capacity description changes. On the face of the box there is a photo of the unit on a black background along with a very brief description of its characteristics. On the rear side you will find a reference to the PSU's highlights and on the top and bottom sides additional information is given regarding technical characteristics, power specifications and connectors description.


The PSU is protected by packaging foam which resides on the bottom of the box and is wrapped in plastic. The bundle is very poor and includes only an installation manual, an AC power cord and a set of screws for chassis mounting.


The external quality of the PSU is quite good and the stickers on both sides look good, although one of them isn't properly aligned. The finish is semi-mate and fairly fingerprint proof. Around the cable exit hole there is a grommet and all cables are sleeved up to the first connector. Unfortunately the SATA and peripheral cables do not have the wires between the connectors sleeved and the view of the unsleeved wires isn't so nice especially in a PSU that costs $90. Finally the lack of a badge in the center of the fan grill subtracts appearance points.
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