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OCZ ZX Series 850 W Review

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The packaging is similar of course to the one of the ZX 1250W, so it's quite large and on the front features a dark photo of the PSU along with the model number. We also find a brief features description and two badges, one for the Gold efficiency and one for the 5-year warranty, on the face of the box. On the rear side you can find a more detailed feature description.


The PSU is well protected by two thick layers of packing foam and on top of that is wrapped in plastic. As mentioned before in the 1250W review we would like to see a re-usable cloth bag here, but on the other hand once you install the PSU in the chassis it's very unlikely to uninstall it and even more unlikely to move it around, in order to use the carrying bag. Along with the unit you will get a set of thumbscrews for chassis mounting, two power cords (EU and UK), several Velcro cable ties, a small user's manual and a nylon pouch that holds all modular cables.


The PSU features a nice semi-matte finish. The golden stickers are eye catching and add points to the appearance. The rear exhaust utilizes the classic honeycomb design and next to the AC receptacle resides a good quality On/Off switch. The PSU is quite long, although it has only 850W capacity. It seems that the manufacturer used the same PCB for all members of the ZX series so the casing necessarily remained the same.
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