Origen AE S10V HTPC Case Review 20

Origen AE S10V HTPC Case Review

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Just like the S21T, which we reviewed in the past, the S10V ships in a full color cardboard box. The top shows a partial view of the case while the left and right of the package provide all the information of the unit. This includes the dimensions and specifications.

The S10V is a compact case and could have fit into a box much smaller than the one provided, but Origen has crammed the enclosure inbetween two huge Styrofoam spacers, which completely cover all sides of the case. The first thing you see when opening up the box is a short, but good manual and a pair of gloves. The case itself is further protected by a thin plastic bag.


Inside the case you will find a small cardboard box with a few interesting items. While we have the same rubber spacers for the hard drives and the usual set of screws, Origen AE also included an IDE adapter for the required slim line optical drive and an ATX connector, which is to be placed between mainboard and the power supply. This in turn gives you the ability to turn the entire unit on and off with the use of the remote. You will also find two Y splitter cables for the four fans, so you can connect all of them to just two mainboard headers. The new MCE remote features clean cut edges unlike the previous model and also includes a backlight for the major buttons. The device is made by Phillips and is the one remote which was introduced with the newest incarnation of the Media Center OS - Windows Vista Premium.
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