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Ozone Rage ST Gaming Headset Review

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The Package

Ozone ships their gaming gear in some very flashy boxes. The box allows you to get a decent idea of the size and shape of these ear cups.

The only thing bundled with the headset is a small booklet. It goes over some of the headset's basic functionality. The detachable microphone is nice, but I doubt anyone wants to be seen in public with a yellow and black headset. The all-black version does not scream geek quite as much as the yellow and black version we received for testing, so that model could be worn as a normal pair of headphones provided you remove the microphone.

Closer Examination

Whether on purpose or not, the Ozone Rage ST looks a bit crazy with its bright yellow and black color scheme. What strikes you immediately after unboxing it are the plain materials used. It feels very cheaply made, and the fit and finish are also a bit questionable. It is alright for a €29.90 headset but far from as good as a headset from the marginally more expensive CM Storm lineup.

Size adjustment and headband are an all-plastic affair, which does not bode well for long-term durability. There is no swivel joint on the ear cups, so they cannot align perfectly to the side of your skull. This is somewhat troublesome as they are of the closed-back type. The seal between head and ear cup is essential for good sound quality.

The cable system of the Rage ST is good. A small but effective strain relief has been mounted onto the cable's point of entry.

The ear cups are quite large and the pads are made in a way to allow for some ventilation. This is great for long-term wearing comfort, as hot ears are universally annoying. It does, however, impede the sound quality somewhat by making the seal between head and cups less than optimal.

Soft and well ventilated is probably the best way to describe the Rage ST's headband. It does not get too hot underneath and is soft enough to be comfortable, even throughout prolonged gaming sessions.

The jacks are pretty regular, and the entire cable assembly seems well put together.

Some of the design decisions on the Rage ST are a bit dubious. Here we have the microphone cable entry, with just a couple of small plastic tabs to keep it in place. It does not feel that durable, which could be an issue as the microphone boom allows you to put quite some force onto the joint.

Plastic fantastic pretty much sums up the exterior portion of the Rage ST. While it will probably last for quite some time, it does not feel durable. The plastic's quality is worse than what is seen on CM Storm gaming headsets and those are not high end at all.

The podded microphone and volume controller is great to have on a dedicated gaming headset.
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