PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W Quad CF 16

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W Quad CF Review

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PC Power & Cooling has painted the Silencer-CF in a "Ferrari red" as they call it. Based on the name "CrossFire" I would say it's an ATI red, but maybe the legal department was afraid to use that term. What you can also see is the 80 mm fan on the back of the unit. This is the only fan inside and is running refreshingly quiet.

The Silencer 750W is a bit longer than a normal ATX PSU, the exact length is 17.8 cm, so the unit should fit all cases except for extremely tiny HTPCs.

PC Power & Cooling does not make any modular PSUs because they see no reason to build a unit that performs less well just for a little bit of extra convenience.

The motherboard power connector is one solid piece of 24-pin connector. Other manufacturers let you unclip the extra four pins, so the PSU will fit 20 pin motherboards as well.

Instead of a detachable 4+4 connector, you have the choice if you want to use 4-pin connector or an 8-pin one. Both are included with the PSU in two seperate cable strands.

I have never seen this style of PCI-E power connector before, but I must say it's very useful. If your card has only a 6-pin connector you can connect these without running into any space issues due to the wider connector. Unfortunately the +2 pin part can not clip to the remaining connector, so you have to press them together when inserting into the socket.

To protect against short circuits caused by the 5.25" power connectors PCP&C includes these blue caps. As you can see they are made just for PC Power & Cooling because they have a little print on them showing the company name and the phone number.
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