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PC Power & Cooling Silencer 760 W Review

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The PSU comes in a rather large package, for its capacity/volume. On the front a photo of the PSU takes up most space. In the right bottom there are two badges for NVIDIA SLI and 80PLUS Silver certifications and one more indicating the single +12V rail. On the rear of the packaking we find an internals shot of the PSU. In this photo notice the extra large heatsinks. These help the small, 80mm, cooling fan work at lower RPMs and so produce far less noise.


Two layers of packing foam protect the PSU. In addition, the latter is wrapped in plastic for further protection. A cardboard compartment hides the native cables. Besides the PSU in the box you will find a power cord, two re-usable cable ties, a user's manual, a set of screws and a case sticker.


Silencer 760W features a black, light matte, finish. On the rear the ventilation does not utilize the honeycomb design. Instead many, large, vertical vents are used. Some smaller vents exist also in the sides of the PSU casing.
All cables are fully sleeved up to the housing of the PSU. There is no grommet in the cables' exit hole but the sleeving sufficiently protects the cables since the edges of the hole are not rough.
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