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PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III 400 W Review

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White dominates the packaging. On the front we find a transparent angled photo of the PSU and the series description along with the capacity are highlighted in big fonts. On the front bottom right corner there are two badges for the five year warranty and the Bronze efficiency. As usual in the rear side of the box we find much more detailed info about the unit's technical characteristics and features. Finally on one of the two sides there is a useful illustration showing all cables/connectors along with their lengths.


The unit is protected by two thick pieces of packaging foam and a white nylon bag further protects it. In a white nylon bag all modular cables are also stored. Overall the internals of the box are neatly arranged. The bundle is pretty rich since along with the PSU you will get a bag with zip ties, a re-usable cable tie, an AC power cord, a user's manual, a set of fixing bolts and two PC P&C badges to stick onto your case.


The white finish looks cool and makes this PSU an ideal choice for white chassis. The side decals are too serious though, without any vivid colors or gaming designs. On the front we meet the classic honeycomb design grill and next to the AC receptacle resides an On/Off switch. On the rear side the modular panel has few sockets and one of the two 8pin ones is left vacant since only one PCIe cable is provided with the PSU. The native cables are limited and fully sleeved back into the housing. Finally, around the cable exit hole there is a grommet. In general the external quality of the PSU is very high and justifies a part of its somehow high price.
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