PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III 600 W 6

PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III 600 W Review

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The unit comes in a small, white box. On its front there is a transparent photo of the PSU along with the series name written in big fonts. In the front bottom corner we find two badges, one for the efficiency rating and one for the five year warranty that accompanies the unit. As usual on the rear side of the packaging we find much more useful info about the PSU's characteristics and features. Finally on one of the two sides there is an illustration which shows the available connectors and all cable lengths. All in all the package looks nice although it doesn't utilize fancy graphics and vivid colors. After all the unit does not focus on gaming systems.


The PSU is well protected by two thick pieces of packaging foam and a white nylon bag. Also the modular cables are stored in a white bag. The rest of the bundle includes an AC power cord, several zip ties, a re-usable cable tie, some fixing bolts, an OCZ badge and the user's manual.


Apparently white is the favorite color of the new MK3 series, the PSU casing is white, just like the package. The only thing that breaks the white monotony is the black colored fan. The white finish looks nice and the side decals are too, since this unit targets primarily the pro users who will use it to power a server or a work PC. On the front a classic honeycomb design is utilized and next to the AC receptacle we find the essential On/Off switch. On the rear side, thankfully, the native cables are few since only the essential ones are included and there is a grommet around the cable exit hole. On the modular panel there is one 6 pin socket more than the provided modular cables, so if you purchase an additional cable you can easily increase the number of available peripheral/SATA connectors.
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