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PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III 750 W Review

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The packaging is mostly white, and we find a faded image of the unit with exposed modular sockets on the front. The capacity description is in the top-right corner, and the corner below holds two badges for the PSU's seven-year warranty and its Gold efficiency.

There is nothing worth mentioning on this side.

Interested users (or reviewers) will find information on the length of all cables that equip the unit on this side.

On top are the series description and the warranty and efficiency badges. A small label in the bottom-left corner also shows the product's model number.

The rear has some interesting information, like the technical specifications of the unit, the power-distribution table, some paragraphs explaining the PSU's assets, two graphs showing the fan's speed during normal and hybrid operation, and the function of the fan-mode switch.


The contents of the box, especially the PSU, are very well protected by packing foam. The unit is also stored in a white pouch and wrapped in a plastic bag.

A black pouch holds all modular cables - a good move by PC P&C since some cables will most likely be left unused, so the future buyer will need to store them somewhere. Speaking of modular cables, their connectors on the PSU side are secured in place by nuts, which will ensure the best possible contact.

Besides the necessary AC power cord, the bundle also includes a set of fixing bolts, some zip ties, a user's manual, and a card with useful information about customer and RMA service.


The PSU carries on the Silencer tradition by being painted white: a color that grants it an appealing look. The front has the classic honeycomb-style vent along with the AC receptacle, the on/off switch, and another switch for the fan's operation mode. There is unfortunately no sticker that explains the operation of the latter switch, so you will have to read the manual, or simply watch the fan's operation. We can't help but wonder if it would really be so hard to put a small sticker below this switch. Two large decals on the sides of the PSU give the model number and the maximum power, and we find the heavy-duty modular sockets, covered in silicone caps, on the rear. Finally, the specifications label is on the bottom and is, as you can see, quite large.
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