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PQI 8 GB Class 6 SDHC Review

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The Package

The PQI 8 GB Class 6 card ships in the usual plastic case. This particular card is not bundled with any software or other accessories besides the small plastic carrying case. Being a class 6 card it is primarily aimed at users with devices that benefit from having a memory solution with a high write speed, like for instance cameras and recorders.

The only accessory you get with the PQI card is a plastic carrying case which is almost twice the width of the card so it is not all that handy, but provides a decent amount of protection.

Closer Examination

The card looks just like any other SDHC card on the market today. As you may have noticed the label is tilted a bit to the left, so this could be a very rare collector’s item (or not?). When it comes to the card itself the build quality is right on par with all the others I own, no blemishes or bad joints. Like most SDHC cards this one features a write protect lock that forces the card into a read only state.

Design wise this card does not differentiate itself from the rest of the SDHC cards, no extra features of any kind. The card and bundle is very basic which is also reflected on the price. This card is available from stores from only $49.99 (sometimes less!) which makes it one of the cheapest 8 GB class 6 SDHC cards available at the moment.
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