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Pandawill Rii mini i6 Keyboard & Remote Review

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The Package

The Rii mini i6 ships in a small cardboard box. Pandawill makes the keyboard in two different liveries, one black and one white. The sample we received for review was white.

The bundle is quite minimalistic. You only get the keyboard and a mini USB cable that allows you to charge it. A brief manual is also included.

Closer Examination

The keyboard side of the keyboard is where the fun is at. The build quality is somewhat worrying due to the wobbly rim part and the squeaking sounds the keyboard emmits when you twist it a bit. It does not seem anywhere near as durable as normal quality remote control.

The white color is has a slight yellowish tint which means that it is a bit dull to look at. The yellowish color is clearly visible at the trackpad area due to the tracking surface being pure white in color.

The perhaps most interesting thing about the Rii mini i6 is the full QWERTY-keyboard on the back. Like most small sized keyboards this one uses a special function key to expand the amount of combinations available. Those planning on using it with a Windows-based media center will be pleased to find easy access to media keys and other important hotkeys.

Just besides the keyboard is a trackpad which works alright. It features fast scrolling and is almost precise enough to be really useful for navigation purposes.

The Rii features both a full set of arrow keys and the usual left and right mouse buttons. This makes the keyboard function quite usable for media center application since navigation is usually conducted with the use of the arrow keys.

The Rii mini i6 can take control of two remotes which makes the device very versatile.

On the front you have a normal joystick as you find on most modern remotes. There are no numeric keys on the front which is a shame for people who want to use this to control a receiver or CD/DVD/BD-player.
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