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Penclic Mini Keyboard C2 Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Penclic uses very colorful and detailed packaging here, with illustrations galore on the front and specs plus marketing features on the back and sides. There is a magnetic clasp that keeps the front in place, which can be moved outward to fully expose the keyboard inside. In fact, there is nothing over the keyboard here, so you can freely type on it to see if you like the feeling if, say, this keyboard happens to be in a brick and mortar store. I also like the way the customer is greeted reassuringly as soon as the flap is flipped open, even if only from a humorous point of view.

Removing the keyboard is done through the side, and we see a plastic clamshell containing it as well as the accessories underneath. The keyboard is very snug in here, with some pieces of foam on the sides to help protect against shock from shipping and handling and a separate compartment above for the non-detachable cable. Under the keyboard are the included accessories - a quick start guide and a warranty guide, both of which support multiple languages.
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