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Pentagram NXC 100-Cu Review

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The installation is very simple for all platforms and is well documented in the multilingual manual.

We will show you the installation on the Socket939 ABIT AT8 here. Please not that this is not the board on which we conducted the benchmarks.

You start with putting the mounting bracket under the motherboard.

Then you put on the upper part of the mounting bracket and screw it down.

The screws are a bit too long so they stick out. Consider this when installing the cooler outside of the case on your shiny new wooden table. It's easy to damage the surface if you press down a lot on the screws.

Next you put on the heatsink (don't forget the thermal paste on the CPU) and screw it down. The screws are easy to reach through the fan blades. Also it is not necessary to use a lot of force to tighten the screws.

Installation completed. The whole process will take you maybe 15 minutes even if you are not so experienced.
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