Phanteks Enthoo Primo 10

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Review

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The chassis ships in a fully colored but very dark cardboard package. The front has a picture of the case itself, and the rear covers all of its features in great detail. Both sides hold additional information as well as holes for handles, which is a good thing given the size and weight of the chassis.

Our sample was secured with two thick foam spacers and some foam padding around the front and side of the chassis. The retail version will come with enough protection to make sure you get the chassis in pristine condition.


Phanteks ships the Enthoo Primo with a box of sorted all-black screws, Velcro strips and zip ties, a fan/radiator mount, and detailed manual. Overall, a good set but I do miss a CPU power extension cable as some PSUs do not have leads that can reach far enough, especially if you are keen on cable management.
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