PowerColor passive HD3870 SCS3 17

PowerColor passive HD3870 SCS3 Review

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Packaging & Contents

This is a typical PowerColor box which features a Final Fantasy type character on the front and detailed specifications in multiple languages on the back.

Both fin arrays are suspended floating over the card with only the heatpipes holding them in place. To protect the delicate construction from damage during shipping, two foam pads have been inserted between card and cooler. These can easily be removed. A note or sticker "please remove me before use" can not be found, let's hope nobody forgets them.

You will receive:
  • Graphics card
  • Instruction Manual + Driver CD
  • DVI Adapter + HDMI Adapter
  • TV out cable
  • PCI-E power cable
  • iClone 3D software (our sample didn't come with that)
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