PowerColor HD 4890 1 GB GDDR5 10

PowerColor HD 4890 1 GB GDDR5 Review

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The Card

Powercolor uses the AMD reference design PCB and cooler. Only the sticker lets you identify the card as a PowerColor variant. As expected the card uses two slots in your system for optimum cooling of the card.

The card has two DVI ports, the most common output configuration today. If you want to use the card with your big TV screen you can use the included HDMI adapter. In case you need an analog port you can also use the included DVI adapter.
For HDMI Audio, NVIDIA requires you to feed an external audio source, for example from your motherboard's on-board audio, to the card via SPDIF cable. AMD on the other hand has integrated a sound device inside their GPUs which is the easier solution for most users.

The HD 4890 supports double, triple and quad CrossFire configurations for improved performance or better image quality.

Here are the front and the back of the card, high-res versions are also available (front, back). If you choose to use these images for voltmods etc, please include a link back to this site or let us post your article.
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