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PowerColor HD 7790 Turbo Duo 1 GB Review

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The Card

PowerColor is using a dual fan cooler on their card that we've seen before on previous models from the company (only the shroud is different).

Installing the card requires two slots in your system.

Display connectivity options include two DVI ports, one full-size DisplayPort, and one full-size HDMI port. You may use all outputs at the same time, so triple-monitor surround gaming is possible with one card. The difference between the white and black DVI connector is that the white one carries an analog VGA signal.

The GPU also includes an HDMI sound device. It is HDMI 1.4a compatible, which includes HD audio and Blu-ray 3D movies support.

A single CrossFire connector is available, which means you can pair up two Radeon HD 7790s in a multi-gpu configuration.

Pictured above are the front and back, showing the disassembled board. High-res versions are also available (front, back). If you choose to use these images for voltmods, etc., please include a link back to this site, or let us post your article.
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