PowerColor HD 7850 PCS+ 2 GB 15

PowerColor HD 7850 PCS+ 2 GB

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Good temperatures. Idle is lower than any other card, yet the card runs at low noise levels. Load temperatures are perfectly safe, actually I'd have gladly accepted a few °C higher for even less noise. But many users are more interested in low temperatures, for whatever reason, so I guess PowerColor found a good compromise here.

GPU Temperature Comparison
PowerColor HD 7850 PCS+30°C72°C
MSI R7850 Power Edition33°C63°C
ASUS HD 7850 DirectCU II34°C72°C
AMD HD 785034°C69°C

Important: GPU temperature will vary depending on clocks, voltage,
cooler design and production variances. This table just serves to provide
a list of typical temperatures for similar cards, reached during TPU review.

Clock Profiles

Modern graphics cards have several clock profiles that are selected to balance power draw and performance requirements.
The following table lists the clock settings for important performance scenarios and the GPU voltage that we measured. We measure on the pins of a coil or capacitor near the GPU voltage regulator.

GPU Voltage
Desktop300 MHz150 MHz0.85 V
Multi-Monitor400 MHz1225 MHz0.92 V
Blu-ray Playback1000 MHz1225 MHz1.24 V
3D Load1000 MHz1225 MHz1.26 V

CCC Overdrive Limits
Core1050 MHz
Memory1450 MHz
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