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PowerColor has packaged the JustSling units in an orange cardboard box, with a white slide-on cover. There is a large window, allowing you to take a look at one of the devices without unpacking things. This is fairly important as many may want to see the size of a product before placing it in their living room.

The inner package could theoretically be used as a retail box just by itself. It seems quite important for PowerColor that the branding is present.


You will get everything needed to get up and running right out of the box. This includes two HDMI cables along with different USB leads and an IR blaster to send signals to the transmitting device. A pair of plastic stands are also part of the extras and it seems like the JustSling works best when standing, as PowerColor always advertises it in such a manner. A manual and pamphlet round up the contents of the units.

Each device requires a power supply. The included ones are actually quite compact and the plug can be exchanged to go with the country standard. Each is rated for 5V and 3A output power.
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