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PowerColor mentions "Plug & Play" functionality, which is quite true for the JustSling. Simply plug the devices into their respective sources through HDMI and power plugs. The two stations will find each other without any further need to set anything up.

PowerColor mentions numerous usage scenarios, including the transmission from one room to another. To get a general idea about the application, I first set the system up in the same room - my living room. About five meters apart, the JustSling did not have any trouble transmitting Full HD content to the TV from the AC Ryan Veolo.

The next step was not for distance but signal quality. The transmitting device was moved to the kitchen, where my file server is tugged away in the pantry. With two thick walls in the way, the device did not manage to pair with the receiver at all, even though the two units were only about 7.5 meters apart. Moving the unit a bit closer to the hallway, which lies between my living room and the kitchen, the Transmitter found the receiver once more - with just one wall and 5 meters apart.

The next step was to find the maximum range possible. For this, the transmitter was moved to the test lab, with around 12.5 meters between the two units, but line-of sight. At this point the units connected and managed to play back the 1080p trailer, but artifacts showed up from time to time, especially after closing both doors situated between the devices and walking into the line of sight on purpose.

So one can conclude, that the viable distance is pretty much 10 meters line of sight at which point even doors or people should not be an issue. With a wall in the way, things can become much more restrictive, as 5 to 6 meters is all you can really count on. This is all depending to the type of walls you have. In my case the building was built using ashes and rubble from the second world war. This type of material will inhibit the signal much more than wooden walls used in US homes for example.

Input Methods

PowerColor includes an IR Blaster, which you need to set up pointing right at the IR receiver of the transmitting device. Once in place, you can point your remote control at the JustSling Receiver and it will send the input over the air to the transmitting end, which will blast it at the connected playback device. This generally works quite alright with no noticeable input lag.

The second method is with a keyboard and mouse, attached to the mini-USB port. Since there is only a single such plug, it would have been nice if PowerColor could have included a mini-USB to 2x USB splitter, which would allow for a pair of such to be connected. Instead only a mini-USB to full size variant is part of the extras. Nonetheless, even at 12.5 meters, playing back 1080p content and having both doors closed, the JustSling input was lag free.

Power Consumption

Due to the different PCB layout, the transmitting unit of the JustSling is advertised at requiring 10W, while the receiving one only needs 8W according to PowerColor. Both statements are true, as the transmitter only pulled 9.2W and the receiver 7.6W when in use.
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