PowerColor AMD TV Wonder 600 PCIe x1 2

PowerColor AMD TV Wonder 600 PCIe x1 Review

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A Closer Look

The card itself is quite compact. PowerColor has chosen to go with a purple PCB. There is a large ATI logo on the card itself and the card is not low profile. This means that the card will not fit in some slim HTPCs cases. If you require such a card, you are better off going with the TV Wonder 650 which is PCI based or the TV Wonder HD 650, which uses the same PCIe x1 interface as our sample. On the rear of the tuner you will only find a light green sticker with a serial number and model number.

The connections do not bare anything out of the ordinary. As this is the PAL variant, the antenna connectors look slightly different than the ones you would find on NTSC models. Next to that is an S-VIDEO connector, followed by an RCA Video and a chinch audio plug.

The AMD branded IC has various numbers etched into it. The one bit that is obvious is the production week. It was manufactured in the 33rd week of 2007. So the tuner has come a long way since production, as pretty much a year has passed.
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