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QNAP TS-109 Pro Turbo Station Review

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The QNAP Ts-109 Pro Turbostation comes in a small colorful box. On it you find pictures of the unit and a list of features.

The unit comes packed in a plastic bag protected by foam. Next to it is a box with all the goodies.

In the box we find an adapter, manual, a short CAT5 cable, two screws, software CD and two brackets to keep the unit standing upright.

The unit

The unit is made out of black plastic and silverish aluminum, in my opinion it looks pretty good and feels well built.
On the front are various LEDs which clearly show the status and activity of the device. There are LEDs for USB, SATA, eSATA, LAN and power. Besides that there is on an/off button and a copy button which is used for backups, more on that later. One of the three USB ports is on the front, this should make it easy to connect USB sticks.

The back of the unit is where all connections are made, we got us an RJ45 (Gigabit) port, a connector for the power adapter, an eSATA port and two USB ports.
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